Frequently Asked Questions

HOA Board, contact info and meetings:


When is the annual HOA meeting?

The annual meeting is held in March each year. The location is determined by the board and is communicated to each home owner of record.


Are the HOA Board meetings open for homeowners to attend?

Yes. Meetings are open to the homeowners of record and requests to speak on an issue should be emailed to the volunteer board using the form at the bottom of this page.


Do the homeowners in Cornerstone also pay Coyote Ranch HOA dues?

Yes, homeowners in Cornerstone pay the normal Coyote Ranch HOA dues and a separate fee for Cornerstone maintenance of the common areas and operation of the Cornerstone gate.


When does the HOA board hold its regular meetings?

The HOA board meets quarterly with dates determined by the board annually.  They are listed on your quarterly invoice.


How can I contact the individual board members?

You can reach all board members by completing the form found at the end of our leadership page, here.

HOA Dues and Fees:


How and when do I pay my HOA dues?

HOA dues are billed quarterly and are due on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 each year.


How do I contact the accountant regarding my dues?

Email accounting or call 520-582-0204.


Will you send me dues invoices in the mail? I don’t like email.

Yes, if you are willing to pay a service charge of $25 per year quarterly invoices and notifications will be sent to you through US Postal service.  The HOA Board is attempting to minimize expenses by using electronic invoices and notices.


Who do I notify if I change my email address?

Please email management at


Does the HOA charge fees if I sell my home?

Yes, there are disclosure, transfer and capital reserve contribution fees that are required when selling your home. The amount of these fees are set annually by the HOA Board and you can email accounting to learn the specific fees before selling. The title company handling your sale will contact the HOA as well.  Current fees are located on this website under “Resources:  Dues and Financial Information.” These dues are negotiable between buyer and seller except for those designated by AZ Statute. Currently the disclosure fee is required by statute to be paid by the seller.

Alterations and changes:


Do I need approval by the HOA board to change:

The paint color of my house? Yes

The front landscape design? Yes

The front door design or style? Yes

Any structure that is visible over the block walls? Yes

All the above require prior approval. The process can begin by submitting a description of your modification through the Coyote Ranch HOA website. In order to submit drawings and samples of colors and materials, please email the committee at:

Neighborhood Watch and Private Community Facebook Group:


I heard there is a Neighborhood Watch in Coyote Ranch. How can I find out who the street captain is for my street?

Please email the current neighborhood watch administrator at


How can I get access to the Private Facebook Group?

You can request to join here. We will review your request ASAP.

Common Area Landscaping Issues:


What do I do if I spot a minor irrigation leak in the common areas?

Place a flag near the leak to create a notice for the landscaping crew. Flags are located in the trash receptacles placed in common areas.


Who do I contact if I see bees in the area?


Who do I contact with any landscape problems in the common areas?

Annual Holiday Decorations:


How does the annual holiday luminary display in Coyote Ranch work? Does the HOA pay for this?

The annual luminary display is put on by neighbors. Each street has one or more captains who collect “fair share donations” from neighbors and then organizes the purchase of the luminary kits and the set up and clean up from each street. Each street contributes kits and helps to set up on the common area streets. Usually the sand required for the bags is donated by homeowners and available for pick up by the street captain.

The HOA does pay for the palm trees to be lighted at the entrance to Coyote Ranch and to Cornerstone.

Other FAQ’s:


Can I park my car on the street?

No. Section 3.23.1 Motor Vehicles. Except for emergency vehicle repair, no automobile or other motor vehicle may be constructed, reconstructed or repaired upon a Lot or other property in the Project, and no inoperable vehicle may be stored or parked on such Lot or other property in the Project so as to be Visible From Neighboring Property or visible from any Common Area or any street.


Can trash containers be left out over night?

No. Section 3.10 Trash Containers and Collection. No garbage or trash may be placed or kept on any Lot, Parcel or other property except in sanitary, covered containers of a type, size and style, which are approved by the Architectural Committee. In no event may such container be maintained so as to be visible from neighboring property except to make the same available for collection and then only for the shortest time reasonable necessary to effect such collection…


Can I park an RV or boat on my lot?

Section 3.22 Trucks, Trailers, Campers and Boats. No truck, mobile home, travel trailer, tent trailer, trailer, camper shell, detached camper, recreational vehicle, boat, boat trailer, or other similar equipment or vehicle may be parked, maintained, constructed, reconstructed or repaired on any Lot, Common Area or other portion of the Property, or on any street, so as to be Visible From Neighboring Property without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee except for: …. (c) the storage of vehicles in any area designated or approved for such purposes by Declarant or by the Board (including, but not limited to, one or more recreation vehicle storage facilities, whether operated on a for-profit or not-for-profit basis); or (d) motor vehicles which are not used for commercial purposes and which do not display any commercial name, phone number or message of any kind. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section or elsewhere in this Declaration, not more than one recreational vehicle and not more than one boat may be parked or stored within the enclosed backyard of any Lot, whether or not the same is or are Visible From Neighboring Property, except that no such recreational vehicle or boat may be parked on a corner Lot (that is, a Lot at the intersection of two streets) if it (or any structure in which it is kept or stored, other than a garage typical within the Property and approved by the Architectural Committee) is visible from adjacent streets.


Can I park My RV/Trailer in Front of my home?

“The temporary parking of Recreational Vehicles and Trailers shall be allowed for no more than 36 hours in front of the homeowner’s personal home for the purpose of loading and unloading the vehicle.” – Code 8.12.050


How do I report violations of the CC&R’s to the HOA?

Please complete the violations form found here.


My neighbors’ dogs bark all the time. Isn’t this a violation of the CC&R’s?

Yes. Section 3.18 Animals. Except otherwise provided in this Section, no animal, livestock, poultry or fowl of any kind may be kept on or in any Lot or Parcel. This Section shall not be deemed to prohibit: (a) an Owner or Occupant from keeping on that Owner’s or Occupant’s Lot a reasonable number of customary domestic house pets which are kept or raised solely as domestic pets and not for commercial purposes;….Animals must not be permitted to make an unreasonable amount of noise or to create a nuisance and no animals may be kept on or in a Lot or Parcel which, in the opinion of the Board, results in an annoyance to other Owners or Occupants in the vicinity. All pets must be leashed when not on property owned by the pet’s owner or on which the pet’s owner is a Resident or guest, and persons walking any pet must promptly and properly remove and dispose of the pet’s waste; animals, other than domestic pets, permitted under this Section shall be kept confined on the applicable Owner’s or Occupant’s Lot, and shall not be permitted off the Lot except when being transported in an appropriate vehicle to sites outside the Property.  If neighbor’s pets are causing a nuisance, please contact the City of Casa Grande.


Can I park my vehicle(s) on the landscaping rock in the front yard?

No. If the side yard in front of your rear yard entrance gate is not paved, it cannot be used to park any vehicles. Code 8.12.050 – Only a motor vehicle (not a recreational vehicle, nor watercraft, nor utility trailer) can be parked on a concrete pad or concrete tracks (not on rock or gravel) in front of the fence in Coyote Ranch. The temporary parking of Recreational Vehicles and Trailers shall be allowed for no more than 36 hours in front of the homeowner’s personal home for the purpose of loading and unloading the vehicle.

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