Coyote Ranch Rules


These policies and recommendations are presented in an effort to promote consistency, harmony and fairness to the community as a whole and to individual lot owners alike.

This handbook contains policies that are interpretations of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Coyote Ranch (CC&Rs), as authorized by Article 5.3 of the CC&Rs. Along with the policies in this Handbook are recommendations that are not specifically addressed in the Bylaws or CC&Rs. In addition there are a few references to pertinent Casa Grande City Codes which pertain to all homes in Coyote Ranch.

Where a policy is based on specific guidance contained in the Bylaws or CC&Rs, the prescribing directive is referenced. All information/policy contained in this Handbook has been approved by the Coyote Ranch Community Association Board of Directors (BOD), as authorized by Article 4.9 of the Bylaws.

The act of purchasing property in Coyote Ranch legally obligates the purchaser to abide by the covenants, conditions, restrictions and declarations published in two separate documents: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Coyote Ranch and the Tract Declaration for your particular Community area. It is strongly recommended that you read these documents.

If you have misplaced your hardcopy of the, “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Coyote Ranch”, the document is available online at:

Architectural Control

CC&Rs Article 3.2

A basic tenet is that a homeowner may do whatever they want in their backyard as long as:

it is not visible from the front street, side street or neighboring backyards.
it is not in violation of any city health or building code.
it is not intrusive on any neighbor due to sound or smell.

Any exterior changes to a homeowner’s property, such as color of walls, fence, gate, front door, etc., installation of decks, sideways, patios, lighting, any modification to the land that would affect lot drainage patterns or any structural modification, must have plans/sketch and scheduled completion date submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to the beginning of work. A letter of approval or denial will then be issued by the ACC. There should be absolutely no work begun on the project prior to the receipt of an approval letter. A Property Modification Application Form is attached to this document. Should the work require a permit, a copy of said permit must be submitted to the ACC.

CC&Rs Article 3.2.4

Sunscreens/Sunshades/Awnings – Prior ACC approval is required. Generally, the ACC will approve sunscreens on the front, rear or side windows that are compatible with the color of the home. Other sunshades and awnings have not been approved. Requirements for review: proposed location of screens and a color swatch.

Screen doors/Storm doors/Security doors – Prior ACC approval is required. Generally, the ACC will approve doors that match the color and architectural design of the home. Requirements for review: picture of proposed door and a color sample.

Rain Gutters – Prior ACC approval is required. Gutters and down spouts may be installed and shall be painted to match the area where installed. Downspouts shall be positioned so that they do not discharge on neighboring property. Directing the discharge into the street is permitted. Requirements for review: location of the proposed gutters, color of the gutters and downspouts and location and direction of discharge.

Storage Facilities – Prior ACC approval is required. A storage facility may be built or placed in the back yard, if it is hidden by the walls (e.g. cannot be seen from the street or adjoining properties). A larger, exposed facility may be built but it must meet the requirements of the community Tract Declarations. The Tract Declarations limit the size of the facility and state that the exterior and roof must match the basic house and be built within setback lines. Requirements for review: plot plan, design of facility, dimensions, proposed location, material and color of walls and roof. City of Casa Grande permit will also be required.

Gazebos and Arbors – Prior ACC approval is required. Gazebos and arbors must be installed within the building set back lines and must be free standing. Construction may be of redwood or of a synthetic material that resembles redwood, or wood painted to match the existing home or complimentary color scheme compatible with the existing home. Requirements for review: plot plan, location of gazebo or arbor, all dimensions, brochure or drawing of completed project and color sample. City of Casa Grande permit may be required.

Driveways, Walkways and Sidewalks – Prior ACC approval is required. Driveways, walkways and sidewalks must be within property lot lines. It is the owner’s responsibility to know the exact property line. Driveways may be widened, but never to accommodate more than three (3) operating motor vehicles and the “look” of the driveway must be consistent with the “look” of the neighborhood. Driveways, walkways and sidewalks must be constructed of a solid material (concrete or brick) and must comply with the City of Casa Grande PSI standards for concrete driveways. Painting, coloring or any other decorative cement application must be compatible in color and style with the existing home. Requirements for review: plot plan, proposed location of cement work and distances to property boundary lines, dimensions of cement work, color and/or pattern of paint or color coating if applicable. City of Casa Grande permit may be required.

Land Use & Restrictions

CC&Rs Article 3.4 and 7.5 – Maintenance of Landscaping

Each homeowner is expected to keep their property in a neat, trimmed, trash, dead foliage and weed free appearance.

CC&Rs Article 3.8 – Antennas, Poles, Towers and Dishes

Antennas, Towers and Dishes – Antennas and Dishes are allowed in accordance with FCC Regulations.

Flag Poles – The ACC is prepared to approve free standing flag poles that are not greater than twenty feet (20′) in height from ground level. The pole must be at least three feet (3′) from property boundary lines and/or six feet (6′) from the street. Wall mounted flag holders will also be approved. Only one flag pole is permitted per property. Flag dimensions must not exceed four feet by six feet (4×6). The flag pole holder may be used to fly national, state, service or other flags. However, flags that a majority of the BOD find, in their sole discretion, to be obscene or profane are prohibited. Federal flags should be flown in accordance with national standards. Requirements for ACC review: detailed description of pole including a plot plan, proposed location, dimensions of pole and flag.

CC&Rs Article 3.10 – Trash Containers and Collection

All trash and recycle bins should be kept out of sight except for pickup. After pickup, put the bins away as soon as possible, at a minimum, by the end of the pickup day.

CC&Rs Article 3.18 – Animals

All pets must be leashed when not on property owned by the pet’s owner. This does mean that cats should not be allowed to roam neighbor’s properties, day or night. / you are expected to pick up after your pet and properly dispose of the excrement, in particular in the common areas and drainage collection areas.

Animals must not be permitted to make an unreasonable amount of noise or to create a nuisance that results in an annoyance to other Owners.

Code 8.12.040 – Animal waste, dog, cat, etc., is expected to be picked up and properly secured so as
to be protected from insects and the elements. This includes your enclosed backyard.

CC&Rs Article 3.19 – Machinery and Equipment

If the side yard in front of your rear yard entrance gate is not paved, it cannot be used to park any vehicles.

Code 8.12.050 – Only a motor vehicle (not a recreational vehicle, nor watercraft, nor utility trailer) can be parked on a concrete pad or concrete tracks (not on rock or gravel) in front of the fence in Coyote Ranch. The temporary parking of Recreational Vehicles and Trailers shall be allowed for no more than 36 hours in front of the homeowner’s personal home for the purpose of loading and unloading the vehicle.

CC&Rs Article 3.23 – Motor Vehicles

No extended car or other vehicle repair or construction can take place in a homeowners front driveway or front side yard.

Code 8.12.180 – It is unlawful to have a junk vehicle parked in the front of your property, driveway, side yard or street, for more than 5 days.

Code 8.12.030 – Vehicles may not be parked in such a way as to block the public use of the sidewalk.

CC&Rs Article 3.28 – Garages and Driveways

Garage doors should not be left fully open for an extended period of time.

CC&Rs Article 3.31 – Basketball Goals or Play Structures

Basketball Goals – Non-moveable basketball poles or house mounted hoops will not be allowed. Basketball hoops in the front driveway, should be maintained in good condition and should be taken down and put out of sight when not being used for an extended period of time — like vacation or when the kids are off to college.

Play Structures – Play structures placed in the backyard (none allowed in front of the house) must be placed 10 feet from any fence, must be no more than 11 feet high and any canopy must be made of a permanent material. A primary concern is that use of the structure could allow a vantage point to look into a neighbor’s backyard. Requirements for ACC review: plot plan and building plans or pictures of such structures must be submitted prior to purchase or construction.

CC&R’s Article 3.23.3 – Guest of Motor Vehicles

No vehicle may be parked on the street except for Guest of Owner for no more than 24 hours.

Article 3.33 – Exterior Lighting

Be careful that your backyard security lights do not shine into your neighbors windows, point them down into your own yard.

Other Areas of Concern & Interest

CC&Rs Article 7.7 – Common Walls

Our block walls in the back and side yards of our homes are governed by this section. The primary message is that most of our walls are shared with a neighbor. Therefore, we share responsibilities for use, repair and maintenance.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent landscape elevation changes within their yards from eroding block walls.

CC&Rs Article 9.18 – Notice of Violation

Occasionally a homeowner may need to be reminded of some violation of the various restrictions or provisions of the Bylaws or CC&Rs. The policy of the CRCA will be that a letter will be written describing the problem and the homeowner will be given 7 days to remedy the problem. If not remedied, a second letter will be issued with a fine of $25.00.  A $25.00 per day fine will be assessed until the violation is corrected.

Common Areas

CC&Rs Article 8.5 – Repair and Replacement of Damaged Property

The maintenance of the common areas, consisting of our property side areas facing Rodeo Rd. and Pinal Ave., Coyote Way entrance and street side areas and our two drainage collection areas, including the collective stuccoed walls, are the largest line item in the CRCA budget, funded by our homeowners dues. Any damage or vandalism affects us all. Please be alert and report any problems promptly. Voluntary pickup of trash and debris greatly contributes to the general beauty of our neighborhood.

Quiet Enjoyment

All owners have the covenant of Quiet Enjoyment and therefore each of us need to be respectful of our neighbors. This includes your animals; music; contractors and vendors.

Yard Sales

Community sponsored yard sales are allowed. NO more than 4 days per year may any homeowner hold yard sales.  The word ‘yard’ shall include garage sales and estate sales. Signage may only be in place the morning of the sale and must be removed the same day.

Community Yard/Garage Sales are scheduled for the second Saturday in March and the second Saturday in November of each year.

City Municipal Codes may be viewed HERE.

Let’s keep Coyote Ranch safe by being alert and involved neighbors!